Bikin’ Dads Adventures

Building Stronger Relationships One Adventure At A Time!

Plans for day trips to area parks and recreational activities; teaming up with those who share the same passion for the outdoors through education, encouragement and activity. Goals to have a Bikin’ Dads Adventures vehicle, that will be showcased at various venues, being events at the local race scene, community functions, after school programs.


Bikin’ Dads Adventures will also be seeking assistance from local bicycle shops and brands to supply various bicycles for the youth and dads. Programs are currently in place, as a Dad goes through one of our educational opportunities and shows that “He” is truly dedicated to the cause, he’ll have a chance to earn that bicycle, jersey or other related equipment.

Our Goals


Leading by Example

Active Life

Leads to a Happy & Healthy Life

Provide Connections

Counseling, Coaching and Rehabilitation


Life Encouragement