About Bikin’ Dads

Building Stronger Relationships One Adventure At A Time!

Bikin’ Dads Adventures initially began as a dream, a dream on how to help Dad’s in the Charlotte region strengthen their relationships with their kid(s) & how together we all can make a positive difference.  Our founder, being a Dad himself and having served in local government for 18 years with first hand moments observed, as well as experienced where a positive change or opportunity could make that difference. Seeing the many kids from all walks of life and cultures experience the same life scenarios, because Dad’s can and do make a difference!

We were founded with hopes to encourage area fathers, families & communities to be more involved in the lives of their children. While our “adventures” are geared towards the positive aspect of the bicycle, it’s not the only way we hope to connect.

While we know, not all kids have a dad or positive role models in their lives, Bikin’ Dads Adventures hopes to be able to provide a core group of volunteers of men and women who expressed the same passion towards empowering today’s youth through the many positive effects of having that person in their lives throughout our activities.

We provide various community engagement opportunities such as our Rad Little Rodeo, Pages & Pedals Tour and our Learn To Earn Helmet Initiative. Our traveling bicycle oriented events are for all levels and surrounding communities and perfect for private functions as well.

  • Members hold various certifications to enhance our program to another level such as:
  • P.M.B.I. Professional Mountain Bike Instructors association certified Level 1
  • N.I.C.A. National Interscholastic Cycling Association Level 2 Coaching Certified
  • L.E.B.A. Law Enforcement Bicycle Association, (Founder only)
  • SHIMANO T.E.C. Over 78 course credits applied to SHIMANO mechanical and products
  • Wilderness First Aid, Concussion Awareness, C.P.R. & Defibrillator trained.