GO Nuts North Carolina Regional Enduro

GO Nuts North Carolina Regional Enduro

August 21, 2022 all-day
Sugar Mountain Bike Park
Sugar Mountain
North Carolina

Your asking, “what’s this…Enduro Racing, GO Nuts”? Well through some arm twisting of a few, a longstanding friendship of another family we are hoping to put a team in at a variety of this South East epic series. Care to tag along, sponsor one of our team members? Let us know…we’re all a little “NUTS” aren’t we?  Meanwhile, from the GO Nuts Biking site direct;

Hold on to your nuts, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride! Take your riding to the next level and get ready for our Go Nuts 2022 USA Cycling Enduro Regional Championship!! Compete individually and as a team! We also have an E-Bike category!

Enduro in its most basic definition, is a type of mountain bike racing where the downhills are timed, and the uphills are mandatory but not timed. Riders are timed in stages that are primarily downhill, with neutral “transfer” stages in between. The transfer stages must be completed within a time-limit, but are not part of the accumulated time.

Read Rules for series qualifications and USA Cycling Regional title guidelines.

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