Greenway Classic MTB Adventure

Greenway Classic MTB Adventure

December 14, 2019 – December 15, 2019 all-day
Anne Springs Close Greenway
104 Adventure Rd.
Fort Mill
Sara Lee

Join MTB enthusiast December 14 & 15 for our rescheduled Green-way Classic Mountain Bike Adventure! Compete for first place in individual events AND/OR go for the ultimate challenge and test of grit and compete for title of ULTIMATE CLASSIC CHAMPION (UCC).

While we will have your typical categories for each event and events can be won individually, the UCC winners (open male, open female, master’s 40+) are the people who do best over the course of the weekend in all events.


The weekend kicks off Friday evening with a twilight short track, with categories ranging from junior to expert.The overall winner of this event (of those competing for the UCC title) will get two minutes knocked off their Saturday event time. Each person below that will get five less seconds until there is no time left.

Saturday (event 2)

On to the main event! Saturday morning will kick off with a grueling 50-miler (4 laps) with a twist, for the first time ever, competitors will be able to ride non-mountain bike trails at the Greenway. This means be prepared to rough it through horse trails (potentially carrying your bike at times), up stairs, and over bridges. There will be no pre riding the course and we will not reveal the course map until the Friday of the race – this is not for the faint of heart. Again, this event will have individual category winners but will also count toward UCC status.

On Saturday evening as we wrap up the racing and the band starts warming up (the amazing Todd Johnson and the Revolvers) there will be an opportunity to knock some seconds off your overall time through a variety of goofy mini-competitions. Every mini-competition will allow the top three finishers to knock off a few extra seconds on their overall time. This is a spectator sport and we strongly encourage cheering, heckling and commentary!

Food trucks, a cooling area (filled with slip n slide, ice baths, outdoor showers), plus music, beer, cornhole and more will be available throughout the weekend. Camping will be available both Friday and Saturday night so bring your whole family and come prepared to tackle the Greenway Classic.

Endurance Categories: male open, female open, juniors (under 18y.o.), male masters 40+, female masters 40+, single speed

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