Our Founders Getting Older Day

Our Founders Getting Older Day

December 16, 2019 all-day
Planet Earth
North Carolina

It’s our founder’s day of another year around the sun! Join us in celebrating him by hugging your kids, riding your bike, drinking an adult beverage & attempting to “Lead by Example”. If feeling extra rad, his one birthday wish would be, for you actually reading this to help this adventure. Be it high fives, hugs, handshakes, social media follows or shares, monetary donations, volunteer hours & even grant leads.

As the demands have grown more in our program, the other stuff has not and well, his goals are to continue the mission until he stops breathing. Let’s give him an extra umption in the gumption for 2020, you can simply donate directly through our page or reach out and let us know your thoughts. We are a 501(c)3 and your contributions are tax deductible. Whoever say’s non-profit life is easy…..they are NOT doing it right & that’s a fact, Jack!

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